Is Blueberries Really Good for Health?


Are blueberries really good for you? Indeed, the blueberries look tiny but each serving is full of nutritious value. Considered as the most powerful anti-oxidants and a powerhouse of nutrition that perform every function from improving the brain health to keep the heart strong. In addition, fruits are super sweet and low in calories. Great way to fend off cancer, heart issues, brain aging, etc. You must add in your diet to enrich from the benefits of blueberries. Available in spring and summer season but to enjoy in every season you can freeze them. If you require more convincing benefits, keep reading to learn the health benefits of blueberries.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

Are you wondering about the health benefits of blueberries? Read thoroughly to enrich your knowledge about amazing miracles of vibrant tiny blueberries.

  • Skin Care
  • Diabetes
  • Brain Function
  • Weight Loss and Management
  • Reduce the Inflammation
  • Can Blueberries Lower the Blood Pressure?
  • Helpful in the Digestion

Skin Care

Comprise of anthocyanin and vitamin C. anthocyanin is beneficial for preventing the DNA damage whereas vitamin C helps in building collagen. Vitamin C is great for acne, age spots and removing wrinkle from the face. Provide total protection to the face from the dust, smoke, pollution and UV rays. Blueberries provide tremendous protection to the skin and make your skin glow naturally.


As well all know that every other person is under the control of diabetes. No one can escape from this incurable diabetes. We can control it but can’t cure. The juice of blueberries improves the insulin level and high fiber food which is best for diabetes patients.  The research of Harvard Medical School shows that it reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Brain Function

One of the best things is the improvement in the brain function of the children and heal the nervous disorder. Regular usage protects the brain cells and restores the central nervous system. The Alzheimer diseases chance also reduce to a great extent as it perfectly controls the nervous system and gives a boost to the memory.


Weight Loss and Management

Blueberries comprise of high fiber content that promotes the digestion and rapid weight loss. It makes you full all the time and reduce the belly fat rapidly. Moreover, Research shows that dried and frozen blueberries comprise of low calories and good for reducing the weight. Well, are you ready for controlling and managing the weight? If yes! Start taking the blueberries in your diet.

Reduce the Inflammation

Due to immune response, the body feels sometimes inflammation that protects the body from illness and injury. However, chronic inflammation is the root cause of any disease. Medical research shows that it contributes to cancer, heart diseases, and depression. A study was published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology that shows the anti-inflammatory properties of the blueberries as it reduces the swelling of the rat paws.

Can Blueberries Lower the Blood Pressure?

Yes! The blueberries lower the blood pressure very effectively.  The research was conducted in the clinical trial of 48 women of post-menopausal with a different stage of hypertension like pre-hypertension or stage one hypertension.  Half the women were given powder of blueberries and another half placebo. Research results show that 68.5% increase in blood levels of women who were taking a blueberry powder. In fact, Blueberries have nitric oxide that widens the blood vessel to increase the flow of blood which in turn reduce the blood pressure. Whereas, women who were taking the placebo had no change in their nitric oxide levels.

Helpful in the Digestion

Are you facing constipation? Want to get rid of it?  The blueberries are great for improving the digestion system as it comprises of sodium, copper, vitamins, fructose, and acids that improve the digestive system of the body. Proper digestion of food is very essential for reducing weight. If you are looking for the weight reduction solution, start taking blueberries and see the magic of it.

Well, the blueberries are great for the body proper functioning. Look tiny but have a tremendous role in promoting the brain function, improve digestive system, lower the blood pressure and reducing the weight.



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