Home Remedies for Instant Weight Loss


We believe in having the proper body shape to look stunning and outclass. Extra flab on the body makes you look ugly and pathetic. Sometimes, we don’t fit ourselves in our own old costumes. Instant weight loss is no more a dream now, you can achieve it by following just few home remedies. Mostly, people think that a strict diet and exercise have an underlying role in reducing weight. But there are many natural remedies that will help to reach your weight loss goal. Here you have two option, use only these home remedy or try them with little bit diet and exercise. It’s up-to you which one you want to follow. Are you excited to know about weight loss techniques? Let’s be with me in this article and get inspiration for losing weight quickly.

Process of Fat Reduction

Are you ready to say goodbye to flab? If yes! Must understand the process of the body that aggregate the fat on a different part of the body. Fat, protein and carbohydrate store the energy. Calories are the measuring unit of energy in given fats, carbohydrates and protein. Our body undergoes a chemical process and converts the fat into usable energy and excess energy will be stored away. In order to lose weight, you must utilize more calories than consuming. When you intake fewer calories, the body starts using the stored fat and convert into the energy.  This process of fat utilization is varying from person to person and depend on genetic and environmental factor as well.

Is Green Tea Really Beneficial?

Every one of us know about the green tea benefits for the body. Some studies prove the beneficial effects of green tea in shedding the extra pounds. Comprises of three main ingredients like caffeine, theanine, and catechins that boost the metabolism level and speed up another bodily process. Indeed, the proper digestion of food is very necessary to combat with the die-hard fat. All you need to do is to take 3 cups of green tea in a day to remain fit and healthy.


Ginger Tea

Ginger is proved to be very beneficial for reducing weight.  Add the ginger in your green tea and enjoy its slip for losing the weight.

  • Take ½ inch of ginger chopped or ground form
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tsp of green tea

Boil one cup of water and add ginger & green tea. Let this mixture to sieve for 3-4 minutes. Don’t exceed the time otherwise green tea gives a bitter taste. In case you want to sweeten the taste, add little honey in it. But avoid to add the milk or sugar, they restrict the weight loss process. best time to drink this tea is early in the morning in an empty stomach.

Cinnamon Tea

Research shows that blood sugar level has an impact on the weight. In case your blood sugar level is balanced, the body uses more fat to get energy rather than storing it. Your appetite level is also less when your blood sugar is normal in the body. Many studies are conducted that reflect the cinnamon role in managing the blood sugar levels. So, be ready to whip up the tasty cinnamon tea.

  • Take one cup of water
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon in ground form
  • 1 cinnamon stick

Boil the water and add cinnamon in it and steep for 15 minutes. Strain the tea and drink 2 times a day.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is best to give a boost to the digestive system. Proper digestion is very essential to lose weight and detoxifying the body. Lemon has citric acid that aid in burning the fat rapidly. Many studies were conducted that shows the lemon detoxification effect and effective remedy for burning the fat.

  • Take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey, 2 pinches of black pepper and one glass of water. Add all the mixture in the water and drink in the morning. Drink it in the empty stomach. Regular drink it for at least three months.
  • Another alternative, take one cup of warm water and add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and drink in the empty stomach.

Aloe Vera Benefits

One of the great benefits to utilize the unused fat in the body, stimulate the metabolism and energy consumption. Consider good for treating the obesity and traditionally used for the healing the wound, great laxative and having antiseptic features. Research showed that Aloe Vera has phytosterols that are effective for reducing fat. It has the natural collagen proteins that stimulate the body to work for absorbing the protein and removing toxins from the body.

Take medium size Aloe Vera leaves and pee them to extract the pulp.  Add Aloe Vera pulp, one cup of water and grapefruits (additional) in a blender and blend well. Drink this in an empty stomach for one month to see the wide difference in weight.

Is Cabbage Really Good for Weight Loss?

Are you thinking about how cabbages help to reduce weight instantly? Cabbage has phytochemicals which help to improve the estrogen metabolism in the body.  Since from the past use for controlling obesity and reducing the weight. It is the rich source of ascorbic acid, carotenoids, phenolic compounds and glucosinolates which protect the body from chronic diseases and risk of cancer.  Just add the cabbage in your diet for controlling the obesity and decreasing the weight.

Use Yogurt for Instant Weight Loss

Indeed, great for the digestive system. If you are feeling pain in the stomach, just use the yogurt to get rid of burning of the stomach. But in severe condition, don’t let it go to consult with the doctor. Research shows that people who eat yogurt in the morning in an empty stomach has a more powerful digestive system. They don’t face any hurdle in the digestion of food. Yogurt has probiotics which do wonders in maintaining the healthy gut and optimize the digestion process. When you have an effective digestive system, automatically breakdown of fat start. For instant loss of weight, use the low-fat yogurt. Well, are you ready for the weight loss? If yes! Add 1 cup of plain yogurt in your breakfast to shed the flab on the body.

Black Pepper

Surprise to know that black pepper concoction! Yes, this spice has magical effects in the fat burning process.  Tighten your seat belt for winning the weight loss battle. Piperine is the compound which helps to melt down the stubborn fat on the body and black pepper has this compound that’s why widely use for reducing the weight. Piperine has the property to interfere with the genes and control the fat cell generation process and reduce the fat level in the bloodstream. Moreover, increase the absorption of nutrients from the foods. Whereas, when you add lemon in this drink of black pepper, give a boost to digestion process and augment the breakdown process.

Preparation Method

Take 1 cup of water, add 1 lemon juice and a pinch of black pepper. Mix well and drink after every meal.

Apple-Keep a Doctor Away Side by Side Controlling Your Weight

Apple is the rich source of nutrients and an apple a day keeps the doctor away and keeps the weight at bay. Full of fiber that curbs the appetite level and makes you fuller all the time. One of the great benefits is to regulate the blood sugar level, control the appetite and give a boost to energy level. Moreover, pectin in apple aid in lowering the blood sugar level and decrease the absorption process of carbohydrate. Research shows that apple has low sodium which helps to restrict the excess water retention and water weight. Eat 2 apples a day and when you feel craving of eating just use apple as a snack and eat the apple with the skin to get a good amount of fiber.


Eat Dark Chocolate

Do you want to instant weight loss? Right! Don’t feel deprivation as it hardly works in reducing weight. Be motivates and if you feel craving of sweet treat, turn towards the dark chocolate bite.

Dark chocolate comprises of healthy fat that slows down the process of sugar absorption in the blood and restricts the insulin spikes in the body. it has more than 70% cocoa which reduces the weight quickly. Let say goodbye to all other chocolate that comprises of excessive milk or sugar that aid in gaining the weight. To glean the benefit of dark chocolate, eat a piece of it after every meal.

Must Follow Tips of Instant Weight Loss

  • The healthy look is essential for you. Don’t focus on too much slim or thin. Your focus must be on healthy appearance.
  • Don’t be depressed. Stress is the main cause of gaining weight as the body stop functioning and start accumulating the fat instead of consuming as energy.
  • There is no magic food. Always switch to a balanced diet to lose weight.
  • Avoid eating before going to bed as it slows down the metabolism level and starts fat accumulation on the body.
  • Stay motivated and start a weight loss journey with your friends. Continuous focus on your will power and set goal with your best buddy.
  • Make your can-do attitude and follow the instant weight loss tips. Be happy and be healthy must be your life goal. Set aside the perfect figure and be satisfied in your appearance. Ignore the society bombardments of silly talk, it’s your life and it’s your choice. Be healthy and happy to shine from inside out.

Well, select any of the above home remedies for  instant weight loss and strictly follow it. If you want a quick result, follow the diet and do some little workout. Everything is possible, all you need to stay motivated.

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