Quick Weight Loss Of 10 Pounds In A Month


Every one of us wants a slim waistline that is adjustable in small size of apparel. Quick weight loss is much difficult than gaining weight. Having extra pounds on the body destroy our whole personality. We feel ashamed while going to a party or any event. The old jean or shirt is not fitted anymore. Here we need to concentrate on shedding the extra pounds. I’m going to help you in losing 10 pounds in a month. It’s not a difficult task as you think it is. You can have a flatter belly and waistline which can fit in old jeans. Losing weight is quite easy if we know the right direction of losing weight.

Quick Weight Loss as Simple as You Can Think

To lose weight is quite easy and it is no more a nightmare for you. Are you thinking what is meant by the fat loss? Burning more calories than you consume in a day. Let’s start a simple calculation, one pound comprises of 3800 calories and if you want to lose 10 pounds then 1200 calories a day deficit is required by your body.  Losing fat safely and avoid the weight gain again you must follow a few things.

  • Always consume few calories: Lower calories promote the metabolism activity and body start reducing extra pounds.
  • Burn calories: When you want to lose the weight, the concentration must be on to burn the more calories. Go for a walk, high-step walk, jumping, and jogging.
  • Balanced nutrition: Are you interested in losing the fat? Right! Eat healthy foods that burn the fat without losing the muscle. In case you can’t control calories consumption, metabolism activity becomes slow and fat become stubborn at its place.
  • Be motivated: Stay tune with your goals for reducing the fat. Prepare your mind for reducing the fat and always consistent on your diet.

Is Sugar Water Really Work?

When you want to reduce weight, we have to suppress our appetite level. Research shows that taking sugar water helps to control hunger and give you a feeling of fullness. Are you a strict follower of diet? Do you feel more hunger? Sugar water has an appetite suppressant effect that assists you to follow the diet easily. Take 3 glass of water with an ice cube and add one tablespoon of sugar and dissolved properly. This drink has no taste and you don’t need to consume anything else than this water. Must count sugar calories within your daily calories count.

Move After Every Meal Consumption

Get up from your seat and start walking when you are done with your food. Take small steps or do some pushup or air squat. This little bit exercise of few minutes activates the GLUT-4 receptors that help the food to move in the muscles rather than stored as fat in the body.

8-Hours Sleep Really Matters?

Sleep For Quick Weight Loss

Sleep is very essential for proper body functioning. It is recommended that a person should get the sleep of 8-hours. When you are ready for sleep to remove all the light source so that the body become relax and you sleep better. Sleep has a direct link with the energy level and burning of the calories. It makes your appetite level better and improves the hormonal profile. In losing 10 pounds in a month is directly associated with the weight loss independent of diet and exercise.

Stay Tuned With Your Motivation

During 30 days, losing 10 pounds require your great motivation and commitment to cut down the weight and get proper body shape. Are you looking for the tweak? Just surround yourself with positive people who continuously motivate you in your diet plan. Moreover, just make a sticky note and paste it on your dressing table or bed to remain continuous alert about the aim of getting flattered tummy and slim legs.

Count Your Calories

On diet with the mission of losing 10 pounds is not an easy task. Just track your calories every day. Be thinking in mind you are eating less is not work at all. Count the percentage of body fat and plan accordingly. Don’t rely on gut feeling, use the calculator to count the calories consumed. Daily consumption of calories must not be less than 1000. Take calories with 30 grams of protein in every meal.

Is Water Really Help in Losing Weight?

Do you become surprised to know the water as a part of losing weight? Staying hydrated is the main thing to remain fit and healthy. Dehydration of the body sends the signal to the brain which is misinterpreted and give you a feeling of hunger. Drink 12-15 glass of water a day or drink 3 glass of water before every meal.

Eating Plan for the Thin Waistline

One of the main things about eating is, eat slowly, don’t start eating rapidly. Eat slowly and chew the foods properly. Design your meal plan as:

  • Start with the veggies
  • Eat protein
  • At the end get carbs

Eating Plan For Quick Weight Loss

Between these 3-meal part, get a break of 5 minutes to make the brain understand about your food and connect with the stomach. When you are not feeling hungry, stop eating. Diet without proper planning is useless. To get the productive results you must plan the things effectively.

Workout-Burn Your Calories

You have only 1 month and the target is losing 10 pounds only. Take 45 minutes’ walk in the morning. Go for the gym and if you don’t prefer then do some exercise at home to give a boost to metabolism activity. Prepare your diet plan for a week and store in the fridge for the whole week. With pre-planning of foods give you spare time to walk and exercise quickly. Twice a day you can schedule your workout.

With healthy eating and workout, you can shed the weight. All you have to stay motivated to get the proper body shape. When you lose weight, you automatically feel lighter and more energetic.

My Body is Different!

Are you thinking that your body is stubborn and react in different ways? All the impossible phenomena are lie in your mind only, you just stay positive and committed to achieving the goals of losing 10 pounds. Your body can’t go against the law of physics. When there is an action there will always be a reaction. You haven’t cut the carb that’s why your body is not responding. Follow what I guide you and challenge that you can lose the weight quickly.

Can’t control your hunger? Drink caffeine in the form of coffee in the morning to suppress hunger. Eat more vegetable and drink plenty of water to control hunger. If you are thinking about rapid weight loss, it’s not easy and requires grueling exercise. With motivation, you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and build a body which you always dreamt for. Follow all the tips to get the results within a week.

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