Effective & Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan


Having a beautiful body with a flat tummy and beautiful legs are the desire of every woman. Think about the strict diet and stubborn exercise? Fed up to follow the diet and didn’t get any results. Don’t lose hope, here you will get the easy weight loss diet plan which you can follow easily. Let’s read the article with great concentration.

Weight Loss Diet Plan-Can You Skip Breakfast?

We always think that breakfast skipping can reduce our weight rapidly. This psyche is wrong! As you miss out the essential nutrients in the morning and all day you definitely feel hungry.

Are you not feeling hungry in the morning? Thinking about to starve to lose the weight? Going to tell you the calories-counted which will tempt you to eat breakfast.  According to a dietitian, if you don’t feel hungry, start with a piece of fruits or low-fat yogurt. Fill your stomach in the morning help you to reduce the craving of eating throughout the day. In case, you have a short time in the morning, keep the breakfast as simple as you can, so that waking up early just 10 minutes help to eat rapidly.


Breakfast Menu

There is a list of weight loss diet plan which you can add in the morning to reduce the weight.

1. Apple Porridge

It requires only 10 minutes to prepare. Take 50 grams of oats, 200 ml skimmed milk, 1 apple, and a pinch of cinnamon. One of the fantastic porridge which fill up with the apple pie flavor.

Preparation procedure

Add all the ingredients into a pan. Place it on the stove and stir until boil. When it boils, lower the heat and simmer it for 10 minutes. Dish out the porridge into the serving bowl and sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon.

2. Scrambled Egg

This breakfast considers as protein enriched. For this take 2 eggs, 5 tablespoons of skimmed milk, 2 slices of brown bread, and a pinch of black pepper.  Mix the egg and milk in the bowl. Heat the pan and pour it onto the pan. Cook it on the medium-high heat and stir slowly until soft curds are made. Take a slice of bread and place the egg on it and sprinkle some pepper. If you want to increase the taste, add a handful of spinach.

3. Spinach Omelet

If you are tired of eating the routine breakfast. Take 1 egg and beat well. Add spinach leave in the beaten egg and microwave it for 1 minute with full power unless the egg is set.

Eat at Regular Interval

Eating at regular interval helps you to burn the calories at a fast rate.  The regular routine of eating reduces the temptation of eating all the time and make you feel fuller. It reduces your craving for eating sugar and fat oriented things.

Add Fruits and Vegetable in Your Diet

They are low in calories and fat and high in fiber content. Research suggests that to burn the fat quickly, low calories, low fat and high fiber are essential things. In the weight loss diet plan, the fruits and vegetables play an important role because they are the rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Drink Plenty of Water

You can confuse thirst and hunger with each other. Sometimes, all you need is a glass of water but you ended with eating too many calories. So, don’t confuse, drink 8-10 glass of water daily. Moreover, in a weight loss diet plan, drink 2 glass of water half an hour before eating.


Remain Active is the Part of Weight Loss Diet Plan

Are you thinking about how you become active all the times? Exercise is a great way to burn the calories and shed the extra fat on the body. Indeed, some fat is very stubborn and can’t cut through diet. It requires the proper activity to combat the fat. Just 15 minutes’ walk, jumping, and jogging assist in fighting with fat. Everyone is busy in life whether you are a mom, dad, working lady, or college students. You need to exercise properly for reducing the weight and become active. You will automatically feel energetic and enthusiastic. What are you waiting now! Just start your 15 minutes exercise.

Do You Need to Avoid Eating Junk Food?

Yes! Of course, you need to zip the lovely temptation when you are on the weight loss diet plan. The best way, don’t stock the junk food at your home. Like some people have the habit of storing biscuits, chips, snacks, chocolate, fizzy drinks. Eat healthy when you are on the diet and quit the junk foods habit. What you need to do is start eating fruits and vegetables and consider it as snacks. Take fresh juice without any sugary or syrup addition.

Cut Down the Sugar & Carbohydrates

In the weight loss diet plan, you need to cut down the sugar and carbs (starch). In dieting, the main issue is the hunger element, people start craving to eat more and more. So, first, you need to control the hunger level to end up consuming few calories. When the body requires energy, automatically burn the stored fat due to non-availability of carbs. Insulin levels must be low in your body to boost the kidney to remove extra sodium and water out from the body. In the shedding of weight, must focus on reducing the body fat plus water weight from the body to decrease the overall weight.


Add Coffee to Become Slimmer

The coffee bean is very famous for reducing weight. It burns the fat rapidly without putting any side effects. The ultimate way to boost the metabolism level of the body that leads to burning of fat. If you want a slim and smart physique, take 3,4 cups of black coffee daily. Start your morning with a cup of coffee and feel energetic as well.

Eat Your Food Slowly

We are mostly fast eater and gain weight at the same rate. Slowly eat your meal to give a boost to weight-reducing hormones. Research suggests that teeth are made to chew the good properly so put less burden on the stomach as it reduces the metabolism level and accumulating the fat in the body.

Proper Sleep

Eight-hour sleep is recommended to spend a healthy life. When you are out of routine and stuck in some place, the bad habit of eating less leads to gain weight. Night sleep is best for having a healthy lifestyle. Some people prefer to sleep in a day but not a beneficial routine to fulfill the body requirement of proper functioning.

Well, with quick weight loss diet plan, reduce your weight rapidly. By shed off the extra weight, you will feel more energetic and fresher. Reducing the weight is no more a rocket science, all you need to follow simple above-mentioned guidelines. Stay happy and say goodbye to stubborn fat by following a simple diet plan.

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